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Good Bye 2020! Hello 2021

December 23, 2020


As the 2020 year fades into the past, it is time to look back at the challenges we have faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ramifications that affected our planned Medford Valley year.

Considering the Federal, State and Grand Lodge mandates as well as Supreme and Orient compliance to them, we have not had a “normal” schedule of events, meetings, dinners, degree practices and presentations since the first part of March.  Although we have communicated via many electronic mediums such as, emails, constant contact, our new website and virtual meetings via Zoom and Go to Meetings, we have not had the opportunity to meet face to face and enjoy the fellowship of our Brothers and their families.

I look forward to the time we can resume personal contact and once again fellowship and participate in those activities we all enjoy.

The Medford Valley like many others, has taken a major hit financially due to the mandated shutdown.  Loss of rental revenue flow and the ultimate cancellation of renter support has greatly reduced anticipated income originally projected in our 2020 budget calculations.  These reductions of income were mitigated by effective reductions in the projected expenses for utilities and operating expenses not required due to loss of tenant activity, fraternal activities and postponing some building repairs and proposed improvements.  These efforts resulted in maintaining control of our budget and having a positive residual at the end of the 2020 year that will be applied to the proposed 2021 budget.

The good news is; although 2020 has been a horrible experience for all in this nation and the world, we have weathered the storm and remained on course.  We have stayed within our projected budget figures and have significantly increased our financial investments bottom lines.  Thanks to all the Medford Valley Officers, Body Heads and all who have supported our efforts to navigate the COVID storm of 2020.  Your support and understanding has been greatly appreciated!  Further, distribution is presently underway of the COVID-19 vaccine with the hope of controlling this pandemic in the near future.  Current projections are still six months into the future before we can start to resume “normal” activities and events.  Until notified, we will have to adhere to the mitigation mandates limiting our activities and events in the 2021 year.

Again, thank you for your continued support and understanding.  Keep up to date on Medford Valley Scottish Rite information by visiting our website at: and using the Events and Announcement tabs.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New Year!


Bruce A. Kundert, 32* KCCH

Personal Representative of the SGIG in Oregon

Medford Valley Scottish Rite

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