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Valley Membership Achievement Program

VMAP, or the Valley Membership Achievement Program, is a strategic initiative on behalf of the Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction, to instruct and inspire Valleys in key activity areas. These key areas are divided up into focuses like, Recruitment, Mentorship, Philanthropy or Degree Conferral Proficiency, and are designed to spark the competitive spirit between Valleys while helping us to focus on meaningful activities.
The Medford Valley Scottish Rite as well as other Orient of Oregon Valleys follow the vibrant partnership our first SGIG John C. Ainsworth had with Albert Pike. Today we have some of the most beautiful ritual work around, as well as incredible representation within Blue Lodges, businesses and educational institutions.
VMAP gives an outline or cookbook for these key areas in good detail. VMAP also calls into question why we do things the way we do, which gives us the opportunity to bolster what we are doing really well and to begin critical thinking for how we might improve, because really problems are just opportunities to grow. The program is always evolving according to Admiral Sizemore’s and Sovereign Grand Commander Illustrious Jim Cole’s guidance as well as the feedback from regional conferences held throughout the year around the country. As a group we provide feedback on items that didn’t or did work for us, and we have already seen evidence of direct feedback being implemented with “fill-able forms” for next year’s package.

What Is VMAP?
The intent of the VMAP Program is to help each Valley carry out its service to the Scottish Rite by providing the best experience for its members. VMAP requirements are broken into the following 11 specific subject Areas which cover the full scope of the Scottish Rite experience:

Membership Retention / Engagement
Scottish Rite Education for Members
Membership Recruitment
New Member Engagement
Reunion Experience
Scottish Rite Education for Candidates
Public Image
Degree Conferral Proficiency
Officer Responsibilities & Engagement
Valley Organizations

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