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The Feast Of Tishri At The Medford Valley Scottish Rite Center Was A Great Success!

For the first time in two years because of COVID we were able to present the Feast of Tishri and re-obligate ourselves to the values of the 14th degree.  The Brethren and their Ladies enjoyed the Lecture and Dinner MC’d by Medford’s Venerable Master of the Lodge of Perfection Illustrious Brother Elect Roland Kari.

Our Medford Chapter of the Knights of Saint Andrew supported by setting up the Dining Room and the cleanup and take down after the Feast.  Many thanks to our Brother Knights and to our newest Brother Masters of the Royal Secret fresh from the Portland Reunion who pitched in by helping.  Everyone was happy for the opportunity to fellowship with one another and enjoy the activities.  To all who participated and supported this event; well done and great to see you once again attending our events and activities after a long period of COVID.

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