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Illustrious Bill Anton, 33° Orient Personal Representative and Past President Oregon Scottish Rite Speech and Language Board

Illustrious Bill Anton, 33°

Chairman Orient Charities and Past President Oregon Scottish Rite Speech and Language Board

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Scottish Rite Masons
Helping Kids

As Scottish Rite Masons in Oregon, we help support and maintain a number of Speech-Language Clinics. In the early 1950’s in Colorado, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States initiated a program to help children with speech and language disorders. The results obtained from this program led to the establishment of RiteCare clinics to provide diagnostic evaluation and treatment of speech and language disorders, as well as learning disabilities.

Today, there are special programs operating for children and therapists located throughout the United States. Each facility is staffed by speech-language pathologists or other trained personnel. Through the support of Scottish Rite members, these clinics, centers, and programs continue to increase. The value of this philanthropy has long been apparent. Tens of thousands of youngsters across the United States have been helped significantly. With the good work of dedicated clinicians and parents, the Scottish Rite has achieved successes that could only be imagined a few years back. Children who might have remained educationally behind for a lifetime can now talk, read, and lead productive lives.

Holiday Speech & Language Charity News

Speech & Language Charity NewsThe holidays are upon us and year’s end fast approaches. With the cold and inclement weather outside let us review some of the bright spots resulting from your Scottish Rite Speech & Language Charity.Both University of Oregon and Portland State University Speech and Language programs have continued and thrived during the Covid pandemic. Over the past years the Scottish Rite Speech & Language Charity has provided funds for screenings, evaluations and speech therapy to young children throughout Oregon.Our support has included funding for Tele-Practice development which has enabled both Universities to transition from in-person therapy to 100% remote service, and expanded the geographical range state wide of that service. Children on the coast, central, southern and eastern Oregon now receive speech therapy one to two times a week.The Scottish Rite of Free Masonry Speech & Language Charity funding is helping to support the training of 84 Master’s students at PSU and 72 at the U of O. These Speech Language Pathologist’s (SLP’s) in-training know that Scottish Rite of Oregon is assisting in their development and will carry that knowledge into the field when they have completed the program. While a few will leave Oregon, the vast majority remain in state providing service to Oregon children.The two universities are conducting free therapy one to two times a week for over 120 children between 2 and 17 years old.Your Speech & Language Board is looking ahead to encouraging both Universities to expand therapy, screening and evaluation services for children even further state-wide. Your individual and Valley support of this Scottish Rite charity is needed now more then ever. Please consider us in your Valley budgets and individual tax and estate planning.In Brotherhood,
Bill Anton 33°
Chairman Orient Charities


Speech & Language Charity News

As summer moves steadily toward fall and the Covid-19 remains part of our life, there are bright spots that can be shared with the hope of providing a positive light for each of us to consider.

Our Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Speech & Language Clinic continues to generate success via Telepractice at Portland State University. In March of this year the Clinic was faced with suspending in-person speech therapy for children and transitioning to Telepractice.

The clinic confronted the tasks of training Portland State University staff and families in using the emerging technology. Faced with licensure laws, supervision regulations and the actual use of the equipment needed, Professor Meyer and Dr. McGill have met the challenge. In great part this has been made possible by the generous support of your Speech & Language Charity, of Dr. McGill’s research and training protocols for Telepractice.

The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Speech & Language Clinic is now serving 41 children free of charge through Telepractice throughout Oregon. From the humble beginnings just two years ago the Clinic is now able to serve children with cleft lip and palate, children who require communication devices to speak, voice disorders, those with cochlear implants and children with literacy issues.

“Scottish Rite funding has been crucial to maintaining operations”, said Professor Meyer. “With Covid-19, the impact on both the clinic and the families has never been greater”, She said. PSU staff hopes to use this as an opportunity to expand Telepractice therapy to all of Oregon. As we all know children in rural communities, in underserved areas and families unable to reach the physical location of the clinic due to transportation obstacles are not currently being served to the degree necessary.

According to Professor Meyer, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Speech & Language Clinic is changing lives. What better way to live the spirit of Scottish Rite and Masonry than to support our Speech & Language Charity with a tax deductible donation.

In Brotherhood,
Bill Anton 33°
OPR & Past President
Speech & Language Charity



The Oregon Speech & Language Charity is the Oregon Scottish Rite’s primary charity and was established in 1980 with the mission of helping language impaired children experience the joy of expressing ideas and being clearly understood.  By partnering primarily with clinics on the campuses of the University of Oregon and Portland State University we are now able to serve over 3,000 children every year and we are growing with your help.

  • Oregon children who are dealing with Stuttering, Aphasia, Autism, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)  and a multitude of other communication disorders are being assisted by the Oregon Orient Speech & Language Charity.
  • All money given by this charity stays in Oregon helping Oregon children and is administered by volunteers keeping our administrative cost very low.  

Charity Mailing Location:
Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
Attn: Speech Charity
709 SW 15th Avenue
Portland, OR 97205-1995

Charity Phone: 541-515-1291
Charity Email: [email protected]
Donate: Click to Download a Speech Charity Donation Form

Charity sponsored Clinic, operated by the Portland State University Speech & Hearing Sciences Dept. 
Clinic Phone: 503-725-3070


Current Charity Board of Directors:
Gary Kuney, 33°, Active
Sovereign Grand Inspector General in Oregon

Bruce Kundert, 33°

Charity Board of Directors: President

Mel Lambert, 33°
Charity Board of Directors: Vice President

Don Wetzel, 32° KCCH
Board of Directors: Treasurer

Carson States

Carson States, 32°
Board of Directors: Secretary

Walt Johnson
Walt Johnson, 33°, G∴C∴
Board of Directors: Emeritus Member


Gary Thomas, 32°, K∴S∴A∴
Board of Directors: Member

Curtis Lewis, 32° KCCH

Board of Directors: Member

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