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This is to inform you of a change in plans for the election and installation of the Body Heads for the 2021/2022 term for the Medford Valley Scottish Rite.  Plans are constantly changing due to the impact of the ever changing conditions relative to the COVID virus.  Please be advised that some plans have changed since the issuance of my last informational letter.

In our November Stated Meeting the membership agreed to retain the existing Body Heads for the next 2021/2022 term.    This in effect allows the Body Head Officers to continue in their present positions for the next term to continue with the business of the Valley’s fraternal activities.   The SGIG has advised; he is allowing the retention of the existing Valley Body Heads to remain in their positions for the next term without need of an election or an installation due to the COIVID mitigation restrictions recently imposed.

On November 13, the Governor of Oregon imposed a two-week “freeze” effective November 18 through December 2.  This directive is due to the recent spike in COVID cases in the State of Oregon.  This directive imposes certain restrictions and closures in an effort to mitigate the rapid spread of the virus in our State.  The Scottish Rite Center is a communal venue, affected by a number of these restrictions and must comply with the directive of our State government.  Therefore, the Scottish Rite Center must close our venue to all outside groups until the State imposed restrictions are lifted.

The COVID virus has affected our ability to assemble and perform in-person meetings and events due to the restrictions involved over the last eight months.  The virus is getting worst every month and the outlook is not positive until a vaccine has been found and distributed.  Therefore, the Scottish Rite Center will be shut down to all events and activities including Stated Meetings until it is deemed safe to re-open once the spread of the virus has been contained.  Since we will not be having physical events, it is essential that the Body Heads attend all virtual Zoom meetings called as we are holding Zoom meetings to avoid unnecessary physical contact during this pandemic but still addressing the need to conduct essential Valley business.

Brethren, I know it has been a very frustrating and complex year due to the COVID virus and the shutdown of fraternal activities.   In my recent letter I had discussed the possibility of having a Virtual Reunion to initiate our new candidates.  However, it has been determined that waiting until we can hold a proper physical reunion would be more meaningful and impressive to the new candidates.    Therefore, we will postpone the initiations until that time.

I would encourage all the cast members of the 4th and 14th degrees to practice their lines at home and prepare to be ready when the opportunity presents itself to meet and hold a proper reunion for our new candidates.  This will save time when the chance comes to assemble and perform our degrees in the proper Lodge setting.

I hope that everyone is safe and well.    Take time to find our new website at; “” on your browser, put it on your favorites list and visit it regularly in these uncertain and changeable times to keep informed as to the activities, events, and information relative to the Medford Valley Scottish Rite.  View the Events Calendar tab and the Announcements tab as these inform you of the upcoming events, time, place and other information relative to those events.   The Announcements tab has information as to current activities and happenings that may be in your interest.

Fraternally and sincerely,

Bruce A. Kundert, 32° KCCH

Personal Representative of the SGIG in Oregon

Medford Valley Scottish Rite

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