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A couple of weeks ago the SGIG called a tele-conference meeting with all the Orient PR’s and General Secretaries to discuss some threats received by the Portland Valley concerning their building.

As you have probably seen in the news; the situation in Portland has been concerning to say the least and the civil unrest along with the restrictions necessitated by the resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic has put a severe strain on our fraternities assemblies and events. Until such time as these concerns can be alleviated, we will be instituting alternative means of coming together for business and communication. The way things are going now, this may be prudent. We are looking at how we may institute video conferencing sessions such as Zoom meetings for the Medford Valley where we can discuss business in a meeting environment until such time as we can resume normal in-person meetings.

The Orient SGIG and PR’s have been using this method to meet and formulate plans for various concerns and this style of meeting may be used a lot more by all Valleys across the Orient in the future.

The Medford Valley has instituted a website that will be used to communicate to the membership event schedules and announcements that are pertinent to the Medford Valley. Please find on your browser; “” and put it in your bookmark bar or favorites bar to insure you can review it regularly and keep informed as to the events and concerns relative to the membership of the Medford Valley Scottish Rite. This will be our means of communication to you in real time.

Brethren, we are still in COVID response mode and since we are dark the months of July and August normally, we will be looking at the situation as September approaches to determine the feasibility of possible re-opening. With the resurgence of the Virus and the roll-back of the State of Oregon re-opening plan, resumption of the normal business mode might not be feasible at that time. If not, we will institute the Zoom video conferencing sessions noted above, where we can discuss business in a meeting environment.

Patience and understanding are needed during these difficult times my Brothers. This may be the new normal for quite a while. Take care and stay safe until we meet again.

Bruce A. Kundert, 32* KCCH

Personal Representative of the SGIG in Oregon

Medford Valley Scottish Rite

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