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March 10, 2021—Portland, Oregon

Greetings Brethren,

Due to the ongoing situation with health and safety concerns, and with regard to the

cautionary Edict as of February 19th from Most Worshipful Brother Grand Master Mike

McGuyer continuing the ban on in-person Degree work for all Lodges, Appendant &

Concordant Bodies, the Portland Valley Body Head Committee has determined the 2021

Spring Reunion will now be postponed until a later date when circumstances are

conducive for us to return to the full grandeur and splendor of conferring the Degrees in

our historic Vaudeville era theater in the Portland Valley Temple. The Valley Leadership

appreciates both the guidance of the Grand Master and the patience of our Members and

Candidates as we appear to draw near to the conclusion of these troublesome times over

the last year’s pandemic. It is hoped to resume Stated Meetings in May and we look

forward to Degree work by late Spring or early summer.


Br. Nate Neff, 32º, KCCH

Portland Valley Personal Representative

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