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Order of the Knight of the Double Eagle

The Medford Valley has initiated a Knight of the Double Eagle Program for the members of the Medford Valley Scottish Rite. The Order of Knights of the Double Eagle Service Award program was established in the Medford Valley Scottish Rite in 2016, as a means of recognizing members who actively participate in Valley programs and Scottish Rite sponsored events
Scottish Rite members are recognized for your past service to the Medford Valley and as an emissary of the Scottish Rite. They are challenged to progressively increase their level of service, not only to receive more Knight Points, but also to show our Brothers that service to the Valley is a joy and not a burden.
Knights of the Double Eagle help the Valley by being a Top Line signer, helping the Director of the Work: as a participant in the Degree productions, the annual Knighting program, and the Feast of Tishri, as an escort when the S.G.I.G. visits, an attendee at the Scottish Rite Stated Meetings, helping clear the dinner tables, helping out at Fiesta Days, and supporting our philanthropy: the Childhood Language Center through your contributions.
Participants in the OKDE Program receive credit for the work and attendance they give in support of their Medford Valley Scottish Rite and receive rewards. Knights of the Double Eagle are authorized to wear their Knight’s Medallion whenever they wear their Scottish Rite Cap.

   This symbol most widely recognized as Scottish Rite Masonry, is the Double-Headed Eagle of Lagash. It is one of the oldest Royal Crests in existence. This symbol has been in use at least a thousand years before the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt and, more than 2,000 years before the building of King Solomon’s Temple.

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