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This letter is to inform you of a change in status of the Jackson County COVID mitigation level from Extreme to High and our plans to restart some in-person fraternal meetings starting April 12, 2021.  Although the new classification allows us to hold some small meetings, the basic COVID mitigation restrictions still apply such as, mask wearing, social distancing and personal sanitation measures such as hand washing and sanitation of the meeting areas.  The maximum attendance for our Scottish Rite Center is 25% of the legal maximum capacity of 115 persons.  This allows attendance of 29 people.  Since most of our assemblies are less than 29 people we should be able to schedule our Executive Meetings and Stated Meetings within the current State mandated COVID mitigation restrictions for Jackson County.  This change is in accordance with the edits of the Grand Master of Masons in Oregon and the SGIG for the Orient of Oregon relative to assembly sizing.  However, the Edit of the Grand Master does not allow dinners or any degrees being conducted at this time.

Accordingly, it is essential that all Body Heads, appointed officers and membership attend all meetings called to insure a quorum is present.  We plan to keep our meetings to a minimum to avoid unnecessary physical contact during this pandemic.

Brethren, I know it has been very frustrating due to the COVID virus and the shutdown of fraternal activities.  However, we must come back and get actively involved in the work of the Scottish Rite to keep our Valley strong and productive. It is easy to forget about performing your duties after a long period of inactivity such as we have had this past year but, we have to get restarted and involved again to bring our Valley back from the doldrums and perform our assigned responsibilities and duties. If we restart in April, we can be prepared to perform some activities following prudent COVID mitigation requirements and still meet and fellowship physically.

Take time to find our new website at; “” on your browser and visit it regularly to keep informed as to the activities, events, and information relative to the Medford Valley Scottish Rite.  Use the Events and Announcements tabs to get information of activities and planned events for the Medford Valley.


Bruce A. Kundert, 32° KCCH

Personal Representative of the SGIG in Oregon

Medford Valley Scottish Rite

Executive Meeting at 6:00 PM at the SRC

Stated Meeting at 7:00 PM at the SRC

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