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Illustrious Brother Gary Kuney, 33° Active

Sovereign Grand Inspector General, Orient of Oregon

Dear Illustrious Brother Gary,

On behalf of the Medford Valley Scottish Rite, I would like to thank you for the privilege of hosting and participating in the recent Honours Ceremony held at the Medford Scottish Rite Center.  The Medford Valley is always ready and willing to serve the Orient in whatever capacity required.

I have had the pleasure to serve as your Personal Representative to the Medford Valley these past few years.  In my 42 years in Freemasonry, I have had the pleasure to serve in many capacities of the Craft Lodge, York Rite, Shrine and Scottish Rite.  None has equaled the privilege and my great pleasure, to serve the Scottish Rite, Orient of Oregon and the Valley of Medford in the capacity of your Personal Representative.   However, with a heavy heart, I must say time has come for me to attend to the needs of my family and retire from active service.  Therefore, I am resigning my duties of the position as your Personal Representative to the Medford Valley effective June 1, 2022.   I am sure that your selection of my successor will carry on the outstanding work of the Medford Valley in the future performance of those duties, with respect and honor to the Orient of Oregon.

Furthermore, I am retiring from and announcing my resignation as President of the Board of Directors of the Oregon Speech and Language Charity and membership on that Board of Directors.  As Chairman of the Governance Committee, please accept my resignation effective June 1, 2022.  It has been a great pleasure and honor to serve as President of the Oregon Scottish Rite’s premier philanthropy and help bring speech and language therapy to the Children of Oregon in need.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Respectfully and fraternally,

Illustrious Bruce A. Kundert, 33°

Personal Representative of the SGIG in Oregon

Medford Valley Scottish Rite

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